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"The Unlikely Friendship

An African Girl with tiger cub by shilpa rangari
An African Girl with tiger cub
A young African girl is depicted with a tender embrace, cradling a playful tiger cub in her arms.

Africa and African faces always fascinated me I got mesmerized by their vivaciousness and range of attractive features. I am in love with animals, especially this fierce and extraordinarily beautiful species The Tigers, the subject of my first oil painting.

When I thought of doing this painting all kinds of vivid feelings came across. My real challenge was to truly depict the innocence of both the girl and the cub. In the back of my thoughts, the decision of vibrant painting was made. I chose two vibrant, vivacious, and the most beautiful species in this whole world 'The African Girl & The Baby Tiger'. Here I got the most amazing results by a combination of the subjects, the texture & the colors. The vibrant colors and textures of the painting bring to life the warmth and innocence of the moment, as the girl's bright smile and gentle gaze convey a sense of wonder and joy. The cub, with its soft fur and curious expression, seems to embody the fierce yet vulnerable spirit of childhood, while the girl's confident hold and nurturing touch evoke a sense of protection and care. In the middle stage of the painting, there was confusion about the background but soon I changed my mind to add a little green to make it rich, radiating with hope and promise for a bright and boundless future.

The bright sunlight adds glow and shine to the whole picture.

What I learned in the process of this painting is a valuable lesson that I will carry with me forever and share with all of you is, If you make a mistake, don't sit idly and just accept it instead try to correct it. There were so many points in the process where I thought I was wrong. I felt it in various stages, A stage before making a mistake, A stage where I made a mistake and there was no other option but to wipe it and start again. One side of my mind told me to let it be and another side of my mind told me to pursue perfection. So I wiped it and painted again with a new approach, which is seriously a tedious job, and listened to the best of my mind. Same as in our lives, In most cases we can wipe out our mistakes and make them correct. By actively working to correct our mistakes, we can develop a growth mindset which can improve our problem-solving skills and boost confidence to overcome challenges. Like all my paintings, this one is near to my heart and I worked hard for this.

Canvas: 12 by 16 inches

Medium: Oil Paint



Artful Expressions of a Multifaceted Life

Hi everyone, I'm Shilpa Rangari! Art has always been a constant in my life, thanks to being the daughter of a talented artist. It's more than a passion, it's a deep-rooted inheritance that continues to inspire me.

While I wear many hats – a loving mother of two and a driven entrepreneur with my jewelry brand, Pihaat – creativity remains a core part of who I am. I find inspiration in the everyday, from the giggles of my children to the quiet moments of self-expression.

My artistic journey takes many forms. I love the rich blendability of oil paints, the expressive flow of watercolors, and the softness of pastels. But capturing the essence of a person through portraits is a particular joy for me.

This website is a window into my creative world, where the vibrant energy of life meets the tranquility of artistic exploration. Join me as I explore emotions, stories, and beauty on canvas!

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