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Artful Expressions of a Multifaceted Life

Hi everyone, I'm Shilpa Rangari! Art has always been a constant in my life, thanks to being the daughter of a talented artist. It's more than a passion, it's a deep-rooted inheritance that continues to inspire me.

While I wear many hats – a loving mother of two and a driven entrepreneur with my jewelry brand, Pihaat – creativity remains a core part of who I am. I find inspiration in the everyday, from the giggles of my children to the quiet moments of self-expression.

My artistic journey takes many forms. I love the rich blendability of oil paints, the expressive flow of watercolors, and the softness of pastels. But capturing the essence of a person through portraits is a particular joy for me.

This website is a window into my creative world, where the vibrant energy of life meets the tranquility of artistic exploration. Join me as I explore emotions, stories, and beauty on canvas!

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