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A Simply Apple

The painting of an apple is always on my mind. I bought the apple that is red & luscious for the painting.Yes! I bought only single apple because I wanted to prepare my mind for the painting. No distraction, it's really easy to get distracted in such a busy life. I don't have set up for doing painting at home. It's not that I don't have space, but I don't feel like doing things in typical way. On the very hot afternoon of May, I started doing painting and believe me, I forgot about the stream of sweat flowing through my head and neck. It was not smooth journey,I got stuck really at two three points where I was absolultely confused about the values and greenish color on the top of the apple.

What I learned from this painting is when and where to stop. It was before starting it the whole thing was clear in my mind why am I doing this. I wanted to practice, to stop. It really makes no sense to many people but it is really important to know when and where to stop, not only in painting but also in our daily lives. Stretching things and paying unnecessary attention to things drains a lot of energy from us. so STOP this habit of stretching things; believe me its worthful, use that energy in something worthy to make your life easy and happy. The process and the outcome both taught me two important virtues.

This painting signifies the beauty in the simplicity and makes us believe that even in darkness, there is always something radiant and worth celebrating.

An apple; a symbol of abundance & life, takes center stage in this captivating piece of art. I tried to capture the fruits luscious texture and inviting sheen. The apple's red and green hues pop against the black background, creating a striking visual tension that draws the viewer in. I tried to create canvas within canvas effect with a black background adding depth and dimensionality to the painting. The black shows the void & infinite possibilities that lies in it. The darknesses accentuates the beautiful vibrant red of apple & makes it more lifelike. The painting invites us to slow down, appreciate the little things & find the light in the darkness.

What do you see when you look at this painting?



Artful Expressions of a Multifaceted Life

Hi everyone, I'm Shilpa Rangari! Art has always been a constant in my life, thanks to being the daughter of a talented artist. It's more than a passion, it's a deep-rooted inheritance that continues to inspire me.

While I wear many hats – a loving mother of two and a driven entrepreneur with my jewelry brand, Pihaat – creativity remains a core part of who I am. I find inspiration in the everyday, from the giggles of my children to the quiet moments of self-expression.

My artistic journey takes many forms. I love the rich blendability of oil paints, the expressive flow of watercolors, and the softness of pastels. But capturing the essence of a person through portraits is a particular joy for me.

This website is a window into my creative world, where the vibrant energy of life meets the tranquility of artistic exploration. Join me as I explore emotions, stories, and beauty on canvas!

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