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Mundane Attracts Me

I am completely agree with you, if you find me different or boring. The force of attraction between me and the most boring things in this world is more than the gravitational force between me and the earth. Now, you found out the inevitable trait of my husband too... hahahaha. Boring doesn't mean that I have that weird face, I laugh more than an average human being oh sorry more than an average women on the earth. laugh is the last thing you'll not remember about me. I love reading or you can say mad about it. I love History, the subject that wins the race of being boring. I love writing no need to add extra words about it as I am again writing a blog here.

Boring but bewitching- an oxymoron, right? But let's face it; we all have certain things in our life that we find boring yet strangely captivating. It could be an activity, a style, or even an empty space. understanding the allure of boring things helps us appreciate the small details in life, which we usually overlook. Additionally, it teaches us to find purpose in ordinary things and not take them for granted. The fast pace of life making us unable to pay attention to these ordinary things but never forget they are making our lives full of purpose and directions. All the beautiful things in life is considered the boring ones like thinking over and over or repeating same activity makes you brilliant in that particular area. All skilled things require boring constant effort.

You know, those repetitive tasks like brushing your teeth, making your bed, or doing the dishes? Well, it turns out that these seemingly boring activities can actually be quite bewitching if we learn to appreciate them. They’re so routine that we often forget how important they are. Unfortunately, we’ve also been conditioned to think that they’re boring. But why is that? Perhaps it’s because we’re always in a rush and don’t take the time to appreciate the small things. Or maybe it’s because we’re constantly bombarded by stimuli that we forget to slow down and notice them. Whatever the reason, it’s time to change our perception of mundane activities. One way to make these tasks more bewitching is to turn them into a ritual. By doing so, we give them meaning and purpose, which can make them more enjoyable. For instance, try brewing your morning coffee the same way every day, or take a few deep breaths as you put on your shoes. Another way to appreciate mundane activities is to be mindful while doing them. Instead of letting your mind wander, focus on the task at hand. Pay attention to the sensation of the water as you wash your hands or the sound of the birds outside as you make your breakfast. By being present in the moment, you’ll start to see the beauty in the mundane. So, next time you’re doing the dishes or folding laundry, take a moment to appreciate the simplicity of the task. Who knows, you just might find it bewitching after all. Monochrome dressing is often considered boring and lifeless. People might say that it lacks creativity. But what if we try to see the beauty in simplicity? Monochrome dressing can be elegant, sophisticated, and powerful. It's not about being dull, but it's all about the concept of minimalism and timeless appeal. Creating a monochromatic look can be challenging, but it's not that complicated. The key is to choose the right colour and the right pieces that complement each other. It can be black, white, beige, or any other hue that you feel confident in. By wearing a single hue, you create an illusion of a taller, and leaner silhouette. Instead of thinking about it as a boring style statement, think of it as a blank canvas where you can add your own personality, mood, and style. A minimalistic look can be spruced up with an interesting silhouette, texture, or print. It's all about the details. In conclusion, monochrome dressing is not that boring after all. It's a chance to experiment with your styling skills and showcase your personality in a subtle yet impactful way. So go ahead and embrace the minimalist trend, and make a statement with your style.

Why do we complicate things? It's an age-old question that has troubled humanity since the beginning of time. Some may argue that we do it to appear busier or more important, while others believe that it's our twisted perception of productivity. Whatever the reason may be, the truth is, we need to simplify our lives. There's a certain allure to the minimalist lifestyle. That's because simplification breeds focus, and focus enables us to be present in the moment. When we eliminate the unnecessary, we make space for the important things. By streamlining our lives, we reduce stress, improve mental clarity and boost productivity. Moreover, simplification drives creativity. When we limit our options, we become more creative with what we have. It's like a painter working with only three colours. They're forced to utilise their creativity to make the most out of what they have. The benefits of simplification are innumerable. It allows us to connect with ourselves and others on a deeper level, enabling us to live more fulfilling lives. So, the next time you catch yourself complicating things, take a deep breath, exhale and remember the words of Leonardo Da Vinci - "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."

The power of routine

When was the last time you were excited about having set routines in your life? Yes, we all know routines can be a bit tedious, but do you ever consider the productivity they can bring? Sure, there are always ways to turn up the excitement, such as switching up the order of your morning routine or adding a new exercise to your workout schedule. But most of the time, our routines are practical and predictable, which can be great for productivity. Waking up at the same time, following the same skincare routine, and working within a set schedule can provide a sense of stability and help us better manage our time. So why not embrace them? Think about it, routines cut out decision making when we don't need to make them. Instead, we can use our energy and time to focus on more important things like career, family, or hobbies. So let's take a moment to appreciate the seemingly boring routines in our lives and the productivity they bring!

Why do we fill our spaces with clutter? My kids complains that I throw everything and you'll throw even Us someday hahahaha thats correct i'll throw my kids outside one day but for good. Is it a physical manifestation of the clutter in our minds? Or is it just a habit, an unconscious act that we commit daily? Our possessions define us, and we want to surround ourselves with things that bring us joy. But, what happens when there is too much of it? The clutter becomes overwhelming, and it's time to declutter.Empty spaces, negative spaces, are often underestimated in their ability to enhance our environment. We tend to fill them up with unnecessary items, not realizing that these empty spaces can be incredibly calming and beautiful. The Japanese term, Wabi-Sabi, refers to finding beauty in imperfections and the passage of time. It's a philosophy that embraces the idea of negative space, and the beauty of emptiness. In our fast-paced world, we tend to overlook the importance of empty spaces. Instead, we fill every nook and cranny with things, forgetting that less is more. Negative space gives our minds rest and draws attention to the items that we choose to keep. Instead of filling our homes with unnecessary items, let's embrace the beauty of emptiness. Let's create a space that sparks joy and fills our lives with serenity.

Embracing the mundane can reveal the bewitching magic of boring. Life is full of seemingly dull moments, but these moments can become significant if we approach them with appreciation. By embracing the beauty of the mundane, we can find joy in even the most tedious tasks.



Artful Expressions of a Multifaceted Life

Hi everyone, I'm Shilpa Rangari! Art has always been a constant in my life, thanks to being the daughter of a talented artist. It's more than a passion, it's a deep-rooted inheritance that continues to inspire me.

While I wear many hats – a loving mother of two and a driven entrepreneur with my jewelry brand, Pihaat – creativity remains a core part of who I am. I find inspiration in the everyday, from the giggles of my children to the quiet moments of self-expression.

My artistic journey takes many forms. I love the rich blendability of oil paints, the expressive flow of watercolors, and the softness of pastels. But capturing the essence of a person through portraits is a particular joy for me.

This website is a window into my creative world, where the vibrant energy of life meets the tranquility of artistic exploration. Join me as I explore emotions, stories, and beauty on canvas!

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