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A Sleepless Mind

Hi friends,

This is your very first encounter with me, yes! You read it right, encounter. Everyone says I am dynamic, and even I don't know what I will do next or what my next move will be. I love everything, I want to try everything (definitely not the ferris wheel), and I like everyone. ready to help them and ready to listen. Don't go by the 'title." I sleep like hell. I sleep at night, I sleep in the morning, and I need at least twelve to fourteen hours of sleep. I am so tired of thinking the whole day about what I can do to earn more, how I can lose weight, and how to slow down ageing( I turned 40 last month, which was on the very first day of the month (1st). hahahaha.) How can I achieve this, that, and blah blah blah?

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Sleepless Mind

This thinking thing is so rubbish, and it is happening when I am practising not to think anything. Yeah, yeah, you can call it meditation. Most of the time, right now I am taking a deep breath and thinking, "Why rush when everything is in place?" Why do I need more when I have more than enough? STOP, Shilpa, STOP!! Enjoy the breath you are still having, see more in the mirror until you have good vision, feel those fine lines on your skin with your unshaken hands, sing more, listen more, and think less. It's not our fault that we trapped ourselves in the rat race. We chose that life for ourselves. This whole phenomenon surrounds us. We have so much peer pressure to show off the unworthy materialistic things, and slowly and steadily it becomes our part of living. We are not living for ourselves; we are living for others. Unknowingly giving so much attention to "Whatsapp status', Insta stories, reels," & unwanted superficial news. We don't know, but we are becoming slaves, and whatever we are watching, especially ads, they are moulding us, not only completely changing our way of thinking, but also training our minds and attitudes and training us what is to be considered good and how we should act towards it. The players of money are playing with us & telling us without saying a word but by showing us continuously and everywhere what is best for us and how we will surpass our peers, neighbours, and even our siblings. We are getting options to choose from decided by them. They gave us options they want. There is undeclared war going on or within the circle of showoff, showoff of everything. Many times my friends share things that they even don't believe; they share east when they are completely west. Don't get trapped in this vicious circle of digital life, which is not even real. The reality is different. We live for ourselves, not for others. Enjoy the calmness and peace of just being you. No one cares about your actual concerns in life. Don't give a damn what others will say. They are here today, not tomorrow. I still believe in people; the world is a beautiful place filled with so many good people. If you are not finding them, don't judge others; judge yourself. What's wrong with you?

Change your mindset, and peace will follow.



Artful Expressions of a Multifaceted Life

Hi everyone, I'm Shilpa Rangari! Art has always been a constant in my life, thanks to being the daughter of a talented artist. It's more than a passion, it's a deep-rooted inheritance that continues to inspire me.

While I wear many hats – a loving mother of two and a driven entrepreneur with my jewelry brand, Pihaat – creativity remains a core part of who I am. I find inspiration in the everyday, from the giggles of my children to the quiet moments of self-expression.

My artistic journey takes many forms. I love the rich blendability of oil paints, the expressive flow of watercolors, and the softness of pastels. But capturing the essence of a person through portraits is a particular joy for me.

This website is a window into my creative world, where the vibrant energy of life meets the tranquility of artistic exploration. Join me as I explore emotions, stories, and beauty on canvas!

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